The human body is a computer that has a map of biochemical pathways and they constantly intersect
You wrote a book and created a whole ideology. How old were you when you became interested in finding new ways of understanding a person?
I opened my first company in 16 years, now I'm 35. I became interested in innovations at a young age. At the age of 13 I started programming, I was fascinated by social technologies and the intersection of people and cars.
How did the idea of creating a biohacking program come about?
— I worked a lot on start-ups, was engaged in consulting businesses, sleep fell into the background, the symptoms associated with stress began to appear, and as a result: by the age of 30, I had a stomach ulcer.

For a while I went to doctors and realized that I had to take responsibility for my own health - the pills took away the physical pain, but they really did not treat me. I approached the device of my organism as a complex biological system, in which it is possible to make changes. I created a science-based protocol that eliminated the imbalance that engendered inflammation. If you look at my photos 10 years ago, now I look younger, thanks to biohacking.
eemu develops digital systems of a new generation to control human health.
Did you listen to personal feelings or use electronic sensors? How does biohacking work?
— To answer this question, one must turn to metaphysics. In the universe, everything that exists at the micro level exists at the macro level. The human body is a map of biochemical pathways that constantly intersect. I used devices that help translate my day mode into numbers.
Do you continue to use them?
— Oh sure. Now I have a ring with electromagnetic sensors that diagnose sleep and stress levels.

With its help, you can keep balance, with an already formed lifestyle. Devices help to track activity with unprecedented accuracy: how to cope with stress based on information that comes from the body. The mobile application synthesizes this data into daily knowledge, which helps to understand the state of the body and mind. The study of life processes through technological progress is the future.
The ring determines the pulse data, body temperature and activity level from additional sensors, as well as sleep phases comparable to the accuracy of laboratory tests.
Then about the future. Now the topic of mastering outer space and other planets is extremely popular. Do you believe that people will soon be able to visit other planets, for example, Mars?
— I think the rapid development of some companies will give us an opportunity to see this while we're still alive.

First of all, we must understand how a person will survive in the conditions of Mars. An important issue is terraforming - how to make the conditions on Mars similar to the terrestrial conditions to which we are adapted. Perhaps, there will be exoskeletons, with the help of which gravity like earthly will be reproduced.
— What other developments, in your opinion, will there be available in the near future?
They will be used differently. If a person spoils his liver with alcohol, for example, we can print him a new one on a 3D printer. Perhaps we can fix the damage that is inflicted on the body during life or even increase its duration.

The «Biohacker textbook» is translated into several languages and will soon be available in Russian