SOFIA : The future of science and artificial intelligence, which will help solve many problems on Earth
В рамках форума «Открытые Инновации 2017» доктор Дэвид Хэнсон представил в России робота-гуманоида Софию, которая с успехом провела не одну пресс конференцию.
David Hanson
— We created Sophia - the robot, as an interface for integrating artificial intelligence and developing positive relationships with people so that artificial intelligence could learn to understand people and take care of them, and it was also motivated to improve the living conditions on the planet as a whole.

Sofia has software for collecting and processing video and can recognize and express emotions, talk, see, move and think. With the help of Anton Kolonin, a scientist from Novosibirsk, Sofia has been learning to speak Russian for 3 months already.
Currently in the world there are 13 Sofia robots. The sixth model of the humanoid was brought to Russia. In the near future, Hanson Robotics plans to begin mass production of robots.
Sofia combines the developments in the field of blockchain. Thanks to this, any user in the world can gain access to the artifacts of artificial intelligence, improve or change them. At the time of publication of the article, the robot has already become part of the SingularityNet blockchain platform.
— I am glad that there is comprehensive support in basic research in the field of information technology and robotics. Technology will help make the world better, and then we are together: people and robots can more effectively solve the problems of mankind and improve civilization in the face of a rapidly advancing era of development of other planets. My mind is a variety of software tools, including the most important cells of the mind. And now David and his team are working to make me even smarter.

I look forward to continuing our further work on building and developing a network of singularities and creating new wonderful robots around the world in the name of a better life for all of humanity.» «I hope that by my next visit to Russia I will learn to speak Russian better, and I thank the organizers of the conference and everyone who helped make my trip to Russia possible.