Artists from the Palmette Art studio applied plastic on their coats and modeled the embroidery
Palmette Art artists transferred Pablo Picasso's sketches on the surface of outer clothing with the 3D pen.
How the coat was transformed into a canvas for creativity
The painting was based on the graphic works of Pablo Picasso: drawing was a living need of the artist, and, not limited to the paper surface, he applied his drawings on various surfaces: walls, interior items, fabrics. With the help of 3D pens, artists from the Palmette Art painting studio moved sketches of Pablo Picasso on the surface of outerwear.

The PLA plastic image is held firmly on the base, at the same time it can be easily removed without damaging the fabric of the product.
3D partner of the project was Cactus Russia
Graphics and 3D painting
The 3D pen makes it possible to create imitations of thread stitches in geometric patterns or linearly. This significantly speeds up the process of decorating, makes it cheaper and allows you to update the design of the collection.

The PLA used in the project is produced using unique equipment - similar extruders are used in American and European aerospace companies. This allows you to achieve the maximum stable thickness of the thread. Selected plastic is the newest development of Cactus Russia and belongs to the category of biodegradable substances - it is based only on natural ingredients.
Alternative version of drawing a picture using a 3D pen on the fabric.