Geminy HI – 5: why you shouldn't argue with artificial intelligence
The head of the laboratory of robotics in the University of Osaka, Hiroshi Ishiguro is engaged in research in the field of distributed sensor systems and interactive robotics.

The professor is confident that in the future robots will become live machines that will have emotions and desires.
Do you already use the robots you have created in daily life and how the demographic situation triggered the emergence of the android?
— In my laboratories and research, I primarily study the relationship between a person and a robot.

Japan - is an aging society and within the next 50 years the population will be reduced to half. We need robots to maintain the same high standard of living, as well as to care for the elderly.

I create robots like people - they are used on television, lecturing at universities, performing roles in theatrical productions. The market is still quite small in order to apply robots in practice everywhere

Professor brought the robot Geminy HI-5 to Skolkovo, which means: twin Hiroshi Ishiguro N5
The Android blinks and moves, but it is constantly connected to the network. Do you have batteries designed by you, or do they still have to be tied to the network? How powerful should the battery be, so that the robot can remotely function?
— Improvement of batteries is one of the main directions of development. Existing batteries allow robots to work 1-2 hours, and of course, this is not enough. Now we are developing robots that can move independently and will not need constant connection to electricity and the Internet.
Do your robots have some kind of nervous system that is identical to the human?
— Yes, my robots use a neural network, so that they can perceive and respond to the external environment. And in the future such networks will only develop. This will make them as close to living people as possible.
The discussion with the robot is somewhat dangerous - it will appeal data taken from the Internet. Do you think it's possible to defeat the robot in a dispute?
The robot is practically the same smartphone that is constantly connected to the Internet. As for disputes, I do not see any sense in them. Any dispute boils down to the fact that people compete with their knowledge.

Of course, you can not defeat the robot with your knowledge, but unlike a robot, a person always has conceptual thinking. A robot can not be a philosopher and he does not have such imagination as people.
Creating a robot
— More than 60 people from different companies and organizations work in my team, together we have been creating robots for more than 15 years. I act as an advisor on all decisions and supervise the process. Appearance of geminoids and actoids is the result of cooperation with stylists and designers of clothes.

Our partners are the largest companies in Japan, with whom we develop a style for a particular robot, depending on the task for which it is created. Robots are needed in order to improve the quality of our life and expand our capabilities. This is my vision.